j04M. Graffiti on McDonalds building in the center of Moscow.
  f15M. International day of protest against the war in Iraq. Demonstration and meeting in Moscow.
  m8P. Feminist action against sexism and homofobia on the international day of working women's solidarity.
  m15M. Action against the import of nuclear waste from Hungaria to Russia near the hungarian Embassy.
  a19N. On 19th of April 2003 an action against the war in Iraq (third in a series) took place in Nizhniy Novgorod.
  a24M. Radical environmentailsts and artists made an action on the 17th anniversary of Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster.
  m24M. Sticker-attack on the building of Procter and Gamble on the global day of boycott of P&G.
  m27M. Non-permitted picket near the Nuclear energy ministry on the day of action against plutonium usage.
  m29M. International day of solidarity with left-wing belorussian newspaper NAVINKI. Picket near the Belarus Republic embassy in Moscow.
  j12M. Local acttion of Moscow anarchists on rte Russian independence day. Repainthing and raisisng of the flag.
  j11A. Environmental campaign in Azov. Daily blockade of the way to the methanol terminal.
  j18A. Meeting of protest against the construction of methanol terminal in Azov. Graffiti on the government building.
  j26A. Symbolic blockade of Rostov-Krasnodar federal road. Demonstration on the streets of Azov.
  o18K. 18th of October - action for the animal rights and against fur near the Krasnodar region administration.
  n23M. Celebration of the black flag day in Moscow. Anti-election rally with an open tribune.
  n25M. National day of actions against the State Duma deputies who supported import of nuclear waste. Action in Moscow.
  n30P. Weekly picket of Antiwar committee in Petersburg. Distribution of anarchist publications.
  d19M. Theatre action by Moscow radical environmentalists against the new amendments to the russian Forest Code.