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Indyvideo network

Activist's network of videoactivists and our website were launched in year 2002. Our group serves two main purposes: first aim - to teach everyone who's willing (except fascists) how to shoot and edit video and the second Ц to support civil campaigns by making media coverage.

Year 2003 Ц we started to work with russian Indymedia center Ц our video reports regularly appear on their web resource. The problem of transferring information, leaving behind official mass media is solved.

Year 2004 Ц videoactivists' tour "cinetrain" (kinopoezd): 10 russian cities, 5000 km of winter roads, meetings with activists, screenings and workshops - exploring the potential of electronic media which can be used in local initiatives.

Year 2005 Ц mobile mediacenter at the radical ecological camp in Otradniy (Samara region) is launched. By screening chronicles of the ongoing campaign we've got everybody's attention.

Year 2006 - creating common mediaspace for political activists at the G8 summit in Saint-Petersburg. We've launched a resource center to create multimedia content and a website where activists could freely upload their mobile content.

In these days we are trying to establish a network of anarchy cinemaclubs in different cities. We started to translate documentaries made by foreign activists. We've also released several DVDs with our content.